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The Taster magazineWINTER 2016-17 — The Taster is celebrating  its fourth Christmas this year; the front cover looks a little different from its first incarnation (see back issues) but the aim is still to support new food businesses by helping our readers to find them. Thousands of small food businesses are popping up each year — and The Taster has yet to encounter one motivated by profit alone. Typically, an ordinary person (who may never have intended to turn entrepreneur) discovers or invents a delicious morsel, and is inspired to share it with the rest of the world. Very often, this deliciousness goes hand in hand with a vision of sustainable or ethical production that ultimately benefits us all. If you food-shop online, do consider taking out a subscription and using our in-magazine Shopping List; it provides website addresses for the small companies we write about. From pink salt to seaweed gin, sustainable wines, free-range geese and goose fat, there’s sure to be something that tickles your palate. Plus, our Winter issue has a special article on the history of the Christmas Pudding (did you know it started out as stew?) along with our regular book reviews, food history, food science, news and festivals list.

Here on the website, if you’re looking for menu ideas, take a look at our seasonal COOK series. All our issues feature only the healthiest foods, most sustainable fish, happiest pigs and chickens, farms that enhance our environment, most readable books, and — of course — the tastiest dishes. We hope that whatever you find in our pages, you can rely on to be as good as it gets.

Some nice things people have said about us:

“Just received two copies of The Taster which featured our book Mama’s In The Kitchen. I don’t normally respond with more than a sincere thank you for the review, but I felt I had to say: what an entertaining little magazine! Well done! I hope it goes from strength to strength” — Melanie Warren, Gazelle Book Services

“My husband has loved reading the winter issue. (Him reading is unheard of, so well done you)” — Evelyn, a reader in High Wycombe

“I think this magazine is fantastic, the content is so interesting and easy to read — streets ahead of its glossy contemporaries” — Isobel Davies, Farmaround Organics

“I received a copy of your magazine today. What a breath of fresh air! It was interesting, colourful, quirky and very relevant” — Colin George, Rotigrill

Remember your wellies in this lovely Autumn,

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