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Food Festivals This Weekend 28.2.15

Food festivals this weekend in brief

* On Saturday, MAIDEN NEWTON and on Sunday, WINSLEY (near Bath) have Potato Days

* PENRITH is enjoying a Marmalade Festival all weekend

* And OLYMPIA (London) sees a big new BBC ‘Good Food Eat Well’ Show

See our website Events Calendar for full details of what, where, when, plus links to festival websites & twitter feeds

Have a good one!

Food Festivals This Weekend 21.2.15

Food festivals this weekend in brief

Not a huge amount of stuff on in the regions this weekend, but we have found a couple of things in London and a Potato Day in Somerset. Plus Fairtrade Fortnight and the end of Chip Week. Have a good one also if you’re attending the Gin Festival! All details below:

* In LONDON, today and Sunday see a Craft Beer festival at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane — tweet here. Today is also the second day of the London Plant and Potato Fair in Westminster. Plus, there is a Gin Fest around St Pancras, but tickets have now sold out. Damn – just the thought makes us crave a Martini!

* CASTLE CARY (Somerset) Potato Day on Sunday at Caryford Community Hall, Maggs Lane, Ansford. 11am-2pm. “The original and best potato day” for aspiring and keen grow-your-own fans, by Pennard Plants

* Nationwide This weekend is the last weekend of CHIP WEEK

Fairtrade Fortnight logo* Nationwide Fairtrade Fortnight starts on Monday, continues till 8 March. See the website to find out how to help make a difference.

See our website Events Calendar for full details of what, where, when, plus links to festival websites & twitter feeds

Pisces Horoscope 18.2.15

Horrorscopes Pisces

The 19th of February sees the end of Aquarius and the start of Pisces, the Fish.

The Taster provides a frank, occasionally rude, outline of Pisces’s relationship with food, cookery, hospitality and digestion. Sorry (see disclaimer below). For specific predictions, subscribe to the mag (still only £6 for four issues) – our upcoming Spring issue will reveal this spring’s culinary future in no-nonsense terms for Pisces, Aries and Taurus. We hope you enjoy the below insights.

Chef rating: 8/10 (higher if the plates appear to have been washed)
Favourite foods: fish

If you are a Fish
You are a great cook, creative and sociable. You use romantic meals for seduction, and are always willing to host family feasts. You would do well to wash your hands before cooking, however, and wipe down the chopping board after gutting that chicken – cleanliness and hygiene are not your strong points. You may also want to tidy the kitchen up a bit, or make sure none of your guests see it. And for God’s sake, get a timer. You are disorganised, so avoid soufflés or risotto – go for slow-braised dishes that don’t mind being forgotten in the oven for an extra hour or two. Resist other people telling you what to eat. It’s not a crime to dislike walnuts.

If you know a Fish
Fish can bring out the worst in you. But, God, they’re so wet, aren’t they? That’s water signs for you. Floundering around like a damp haddock, constantly running out of vital ingredients or forgetting to put them on the shopping list in the first place. And then bursting into soggy tears. It’s a good job they’re so nice, or you’d be having words. They are the star sign most likely to leave the bloody gas on or accidentally give everyone salmonellosis. Oh, well. Grit your teeth and order more antibacterial cloths; it could be worse. People certainly do keep coming back for more, despite the occasional stomach pump.

Check back on 21 March for a discussion of Aries in the kitchen.

Horrorscopes disclaimer

We’ll be building up our tough-talking horrorscope series throughout 2015. As it’s only the start of the year we only have one more to date: click here for Aquarius and come back to us in future for all the other star signs

Food Festivals This Weekend 14.2.15

We’ve scoured the internet for food festivals this weekend, and things are still warming up (ie there’s not a vast amount on), but we have unearthed the following:

Potato Days in Codford, near Warminster today; and also in Dulverton tomorrow (Sunday)

* The Maslenitsa — “London’s biggest cultural celebration” — in Trafalgar Square tomorrow, see Twitterfeed for more

* The Causeway Speciality Market at Coleraine Town Hall (9am-4pm) tomorrow

Pic by Bonne Maman

Pic by Bonne Maman

Plus, across the UK, it is of course Valentine’s Day today: so we hope you’re enjoying a ‘hearty’ breakfast in bed (har har). Just make everything heart-shaped (even if it’s just toast) and add some roses, and you can’t go wrong:



Winstons Wish

* It’s also the Final Breakfast Weekend of The Great British Brekkie; join in & support Winston’s Wish, the charity for bereaved children (see their twitterfeed)



NB Chips are the big thing next week — it’s Chip Week — designed for lovers of all chips, whether straight, chunky, crinkly or wedges (the chips, not the fans); and Tuesday is Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)

See our website Events Calendar for full details of what, where, when, plus links to festival websites & twitter feeds

It’s rather dull and murky here. May the sun emerge and glimmer on all food stalls today. xx

New Food Calendar 2015 — February

Thank goodness for that. Goodbye, January

The Taster has continued collating his Calendar of Events for 2015. Here’s the summary for FEBUARY.

Valentines DayAfter the dark dreariness of January, The Taster has espied the green shoots of culinary activity in 2015.  We expect to see chocolates, special dinners and other treats on Valentine’s Day on the 14th, quickly followed by pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (the 17th).

Not so very much on in Northern Ireland although there is the Causeway market on St Valentine’s Day (probably get some nice romantic gifts there) and a food conference at St George’s Market in Belfast on the 17th (click on the link to book a place).

In Scotland, two events of note: the Kingussie Food on Film festival (5th-8th) and a taste of Loch Fyne up near Cairndow on the 13th.

In London, there’ll be a lot of borscht soup and other Russian delicacies during the week of Maslenitsa (8th-15th), and a huge new BBC food show on at Olympia from the 27th.

For all homegrowers and allotment-lovers, England sees a lot of Potato Days and Seed Fairs. Arguably the largest cake event, Cake International, takes place in Manchester, while Penrith enjoys its annual Marmalade Festival. Lots more events, see the calendar for full details.

In Wales, we have found the day of the soup in Cardiff on the 3rd and 10th; plus the international culinary championships in Rhos-on-Sea.

More generally, among other things, 1 February is British Yorkshire Pudding Day;  another Breakfast Week takes place from the 2nd to the 8th, raising funds for bereaved children; and FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT begins on the 23rd.

Bye for now. From The Taster to all our readers,