Alcohol Free Drinks & Mocktails

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Here’s a selection of a few alcohol-free options for Christmas and other occasions, designed to take the sting out of being a Designated Driver

Alcohol free drinks§ FOR CHRISTMAS
Try Botonique. As the name suggests, it’s botanicals and tonic, with a high level of nutrients. Created by a wine merchant, it’s much drier than soft drinks and has the complexity, length of finish, dryness and freshness of a crisp dry white wine – but without grapes or alcohol. The makers describe it as “reminiscent of dry white wine or Prosecco, with hints of gin, Pimms and vermouth”

Serve on its own
Well chilled or over ice
In a Champagne flute for maximum bubbles
In a wine glass for fewer bubbles
Give it a stir if you don’t want the bubbles

Lemon & ginger
Cucumber, lime & mint
Strawberry & black pepper
Pineapple & sage
Top tip: instead of ice cubes, cool down your mocktails by dropping frozen fruits such as strawbs or raspberries into them

 Try 50/50 with a cheap dry white: Botonique turns it into something much more interesting, nutritious and half the ABV
 Add a splash of dessert wine such as Muscat for a Gewurtztraminer effect
 Try one part red, such as Malbec, to two parts Botonique for a refreshing light red, about 4% ABV
  For Christmas: try one third port to two parts Botonique for a sensuous, refreshing Christmas tipple of just 6% ABV

Alcohol free drinks§ FOR BARBECUES
We’ve tried these and they’re pretty good: soft drinks, with a cayenne chilli kick which lets them stand up really well to the strong flavours of barbecue, with a little fire of their own. The spicier the food, the better —  try the cucumber & mint with cumin lamb burgers, or the mango & ginger with exotic fruit salad




cornish waterYou can personalise or brand your own bottles of this Cornish Natural Spring Water, which comes from an underground lake where pure moorland rainfall filters naturally through rocks deep within a hillside. Clear, crisp, mineral taste; comes in still or sparkling.




We hope the above ideas might provide some inspiration. We do update entries, so check back any time. Click HERE for seasonal ingredients.

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Alcohol Free Drinks & Mocktails

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