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Limited offer — choose three back issues for just £10 including p&p. We’ve had a few queries asking if it’s possible to read up on our past issues. We’re pleased to offer a trio of back issues HERE for just £10; choose from the following special issues: 
♦ Sustainable Fish   Autumn 2015 — in short supply
♦ Givin’ Me Chills   Winter 2015
♦ Sandwiches   Spring 2016 — out of stock
♦ Sustainable Restaurants   Summer 2016
♦ Pies   Autumn 2016 — in short supply
♦ Christmas   Winter 2016-17
♦ Baking   Spring 2017
♦ Al Fresco (outdoor dining) Summer 2017
Full Rations (food in wartime) Autumn 2017
♦ Treats Winter 2017

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The Taster is a fresh new upbeat magazine, full of ideas, cartoons and original perspectives, for those who enjoy reading about food as well as eating it. We are completely independent and we champion decent food of all kinds, from organic fruit to Melton Mowbray pork pies and English & Welsh wines.

2017 Winter LR 1MBWINTER 2017-18 — Welcome to the mixed bag of treats that is our festive issue! Regular readers know we often follow one theme, but this time we’re mixing & matching with abandon, on topics from A Waiter’s Tale to The Science of Cheese. Back by popular demand, also, is an updated version of The Taster’s Very Nearly Complete History of Food — the sort of infographic you can pore over for quite a while, running important events in history alongside equally significant developments in the world of cuisine. As ever, we also have lots of pieces by and about the artisan and independent food makers and producers who add so much interest to our culinary lives.

The TasterAUTUMN 2017 — In recognition of September’s Battle of Britain Day, and Remembrance Day in November, the theme is Wartime Food — not just for civilians (we think everyone knows about carrot cake now) but also for troops. It was an unexpectedly fascinating topic to research: as so often is the case, it sheds all sorts of light on social as well as culinary history. Plus, of course, we have seasonal cookery notes, some pieces on game and foraging, food delivery schemes, book reviews, ideas for Halloween and the second instalment of our special piece on honey and beekeeping (with the emphasis this time on the beekeeping).

The TasterSUMMER 2017 — Our special subjects are outdoor dining (picnics, barbecues and camping — and the perils of forgetting the tin-opener) and the nation’s favourite drink: tea. May good weather attend all your summer parties but, in case it does rain, try ordering from one of the interesting new tea providers we’ve found (then, at least, you can have an interesting new cuppa while the waters thunder down). Plus, special pieces on , honey & bees, kid goat meat, and the amazing new sauces, often handmade by small producers, such as chermoulas, sriracha, piri piri, cevich marinades and other preparations, and how best to use them.

The TasterSPRING 2017 — Spring is sprung and a young person’s thoughts turn to salad pleasures! The Taster is happy to bring more kitchen ideas and news along with book reviews, Easter treats and special features on the art of baking. Includes unusual and innovative baking ingredients (coconut flour, traditional and ancient grain flours, even insect flour), a piece on distillery and vineyard tours, and of course our regular book reviews, food history, food science, news and festivals list.


The Taster magazineWINTER 2016-17 The Taster is celebrating its fourth Christmas this year; the front cover looks a little different from its first incarnation (see back issues) but the aim is still to support new food businesses by helping our readers to find them. Thousands of small food businesses are popping up each year — and The Taster has yet to encounter one motivated by profit alone. Typically, an ordinary person (who may never have intended to turn entrepreneur) discovers or invents a delicious morsel, and is inspired to share it with the rest of the world. Very often, this deliciousness goes hand in hand with a vision of sustainable or ethical production that ultimately benefits us all. If you food-shop online, do consider taking out a subscription and using our in-magazine Shopping List; it provides website addresses for the small companies we write about. From pink salt to seaweed gin, sustainable wines, free-range geese and goose fat, there’s sure to be something that tickles your palate. Plus, our Winter issue has a special article on the history of the Christmas Pudding (did you know it started out as stew?) along with our regular book reviews, food history, food science, news and festivals list.


The Taster magazineAUTUMN 2016 — Welcome to our PIES special issue! Featuring special contributions from Melton Mowbray (where else?) with a full History Of Pies and an account of, quite possibly, the most Astounding Pie Ever.

In addition, ideas for Halloween and lunchbox meals, nuts and the rainforest, organic wines, venison and some thoughts on what Brexit might mean for small food producers.


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SUMMER 2016 — Welcome to our Sustainable Restaurant special issue! The Sustainable Restaurants Association only set up in 2010 but has gained 5500 members and the patronage of Raymond Blanc OBE; Jamie Oliver was its ‘Sustainable Hero’ of 2016.

The SRA helps all its member restaurants to continue improving their credentials, whether by growing their own ingredients, paying staff decent wages, or engaging with local communities. Some restaurateurs have devised brilliant initiatives: keeping bees, using kitchen waste to generate power, or sending mobile units to schools and markets to promote local foods and delicacies. This issue also focuses on summer picnics and barbecues, nearly all from ethical & independent businesses — the sort The Taster loves to champion. And we’ve got a new page in the magazine with a handy space for you to make notes, alongside contact details for lots of brilliant new food brands — don’t heave out to the supermarket for the same tired old stuff! –buy online, support the new food producers, and we can all be sustainable heroes

Spring 2016: SANDWICHES, Fairtrade, Easter treats and Five great foodie getaway retreats
Winter/Christmas 2015: GIVIN' ME CHILLS, ice cream bombes, fridges, Antarctic cookery
Autumn 2015: SUSTAINABLE FISH, A New Columnist (The Taster himself!), the Science of Fish & Chips
Summer 2015: SPICES, Desert Island Dining; World Map infographic
Spring 2015: FAIRTRADE, Medieval recipes, future food trends, Seven Days of Sandwiches
Winter 2014: SPARKLING WINES, 12 Sandwiches of Christmas, Food History Infographic
Autumn 2014: STREETFOOD, Lunches In Space, Human evolution & cookery, Autumn foraging
Summer 2014: ICE CREAM, Summer barbecues, strawberries
Spring 2014: CHOCOLATE, food philosophy, cookery in 1747
Winter 2013: Essays on Pork, Christmas in the Workhouse, Burns Night & streetfood
Autumn 2013: DJ's food diary, Halloween, obesity past and present, sandwiches