Banana Recipes Easy


Our Banana Recipe (easiest ever) is this:

Melt some butter in a frying pan.
Take a large, ripe banana. Halve it lengthways. Place it in the frying pan and cook, turning over once, until it turns dark gold, sticky and almost disintegrating (5 to 10 minutes).
Sprinkle it at some point – during or after cooking – with dark brown sugar or maple syrup

For adults, try the above but include some sweet dark rum in the frying pan — delicious.

Lift it carefully out of the pan and serve with cream, icecream or chocolate sauce. Don’t be afraid to spoon any melted butter still in the pan over the top

Scatter with hundreds & thousands or similar for children.

This is a short entry (there are longer ones), as we haven’t written a full article on bananas yet, but The Taster hopes this page has given you a few ideas. We do update as we go along, so check back any time. For more ingredients, click HERE.

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