Bank Holiday Monday food ideas

Happy Bank Holiday!

This blog appeared just after Easter 2015, which explains the preoccupation with chocolate (ie stuffing down Easter eggs).

Bank holiday Monday food ideas: Today is a day for intending to be healthy but actually finishing off yesterday’s chocolate haul. Rather than scoffing it whole, click HERE to incorporate it into dishes including mole (a savoury sauce), sweet sauce for puddings, chocolate tart or even soufflé. On the subject of which, if you’re in the mood for a little relaxing food porn, try the below by Debra and Rod Smith (link to the full recipe HERE). We think it’s too fabulous for words (as, clearly, do they):

As a nod to healthy living, click on WATERCRESS for a few ways of cooking what is  arguably the most nutritious green leaf of them all.

On other topics, try our CALENDAR for foodie events in April; or if your star sign is ARIES then find out here how others see you in the kitchen.

Front Cover for website smallIn honour of Easter Sunday yesterday, if you subscribe to The Taster this April we’ll send you a free copy of our special Chocolate issue from last Easter, free of charge, along with your first issue. It contains chocolate tasting notes, a chocolatier’s tale, and a wonderful recipe for Chocolate Délice donated by Chef Molteni of award-winning restaurant, TOZI. Offer ends 30 April 2015.

Have a lovely relaxing hols!

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