Beetroot Recipes


Right-click on our Beetroot crib sheet below for a quick run-through the options; alternatively, a great resource is LOVEBEETROOT; tweet at @LoveBeetroot; if your beets are stripey, try @StripeyBeetroot also. If you don’t know what stripey beetroot is, scroll down! (It’s not only stripey, but many appealing shades of pink, purple, yellow and white – very pretty)

CRIB JPG Beetroot

We received some stripey gourmet beetroots in our vegbox the other day. If you get something that looks like this, slice as below and soak in vinegar, sugar and spices to taste. You can boil the beetroot for half an hour before if you like, but for real crunch just slice it thin, soak overnight in a white wine vinegar and seasoning (malt vinegar is a bit strong, to our taste) and eat the next day. As pictured below, a few shreds of red cabbage or red onion won’t go amiss either:

Riverside Beetroots LR

Actually, they did come out very crunchy. Which is fine for us (we’re all such hardy tasters here) but maybe half an hour’s boiling might have been an idea. According to @StripeyBeetroot, caraway seeds and/or cumin also go very well in the pickling mix. Star anise is another possibility.

One for the scientists: the red colour in beetroot comes from betacyanin. If you get a fancy yellow one as above, the colour is from betaxanthin.

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