Blog 13 April 2015

Happy Monday!

The Taster Magazine Daily Update

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter hols. In a burst of spring cleaning, we’re thinking of adding BOOKS and HORRORSCOPES to our website. (These do appear in various places but perhaps it’d be nice for them to have a shelf of their own.)

Just to summarise what else we’re up to: we’re still running our special issue offer on CHOCOLATE till the end of April (subscribe this month and get a free back issue, all about chocolate). If you’re chocolated-out, click on COOK for other seasonal cooking ideas, or on our CALENDAR for foodie events in April.

It’s almost time for the star charts to reshuffle – check back on Sunday if you’re Taurus as we’re adding Taureans to our horrible foodie horrororscopes (so far we have ARIES, AQUARIUS and PISCES).

Have a great start to the week.

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