Blog 14 April 2015 – Swedish Chef Popcorn

Happy Tuesday!

The Taster Magazine Daily Update

Since we recently started recommending our favourite foodie vids in the printed magazine, The Taster spent part of yesterday setting up a YouTube channel. The vid that made us laugh most is this version of the hit choon, Popcorn (originally by Hot Butter) – now the Swedish Chef Popcorn song.

Hope that made you smile as well. Maybe it’s the Swedish Chef’s insouciant attitude getting to us, but we’ve decided that today, we’re not going to stress about food too much. For dinner we’re planning chicken sandwiches; the chicken scattered with a dried Italian Herbs mix, lightly beaten with a rolling pin (beat those herbs into the flesh) then pan-fried in olive oil & butter. Serve with a little mayo, lettuce and a twist or two of Parmesan on stoneground granary, and perhaps some tomatoes & salt on the side. Cut into triangles. Perfect; and only one pan to wash up. If you too aren’t in the mood for a four-courser, we hope that helps.

As before, we’re still running our special issue offer on CHOCOLATE till the end of April (subscribe this month and get a free back issue, all about chocolate). If you’re chocolated-out, click on COOK for other seasonal cooking ideas, or on our CALENDAR for foodie events in April.

Have a great, stress-free Tuesday,

The Taster

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