Blog 15 April 2015 – Free Range Eggs Anti Certificate

Yes, it’s …
Nearly-Friday Day!

The Taster Magazine Daily Update

Quite pleased to find ourselves tweeting to Joanna Blythman (the food author) and her co-tweeters the other day. During which, someone came up with the excellent notion that, instead of decent restaurants having to cover their doors in certificates and stickers saying Homemade, Organic, Great Taste winner etc, HOW ABOUT calling for less ethical restaurants to display notices making clear they serve Non-organic, Tinned Stuff, Factory-Farmed and so on?

Our highly-trained food artist immediately designed this prototype for establishments failing to serve free-range eggs. We’re sure you’ll agree it’s a work of art that any eatery would be proud to display:
Free Range Eggs Anti Certificate

Still having fun finding favourite foodie vids for our YouTube channel. Rather than another funny one, here is a proper choon, which also happens to feature a video of the best food fight since the custard pie scene in Bugsy Malone. Enjoy:


Last night’s skewers went down lovely, by the way.

Have a great Nearly-Friday,

The Taster

Free Range Eggs Anti Certificate
(Don’t worry about this. Apparently we have to put these words here. Otherwise The Man From S.E.O. starts polishing his revolver up and muttering in Code again)

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