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Wine Wednesday!

The Taster Magazine Daily Update

Still having fun finding favourite foodie vids for our YouTube channel. Not necessarily songs – just anything funny, to do with food (on our Funny playlist). If you haven’t yet seen this advert, do enjoy:


For tonight, we will be grilling pork and beef skewers, ready-made by an independent butcher’s. Trying to be healthy (ish) so will have boiled rice with a little cumin, turmeric and fennel seeds mixed in for fragrance – normally would fry it, but this is the healthy bit – plus halved cherry tomatoes and purple sprouting broccoli. Gonna throw the broccoli in with the rice for the last few minutes so that, again, there is only one pan to wash up.

And seeing as it’s Wednesday, we’ll have a glass of lovely, health-giving red wine.

Have a great Wednesday,

The Taster

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