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St George RecipesHappy
St George Day!

The Taster Magazine Daily Update: St George Recipes

We know it’s only Thursday — but for us, it has to be roast beef and roast potatoes. Some may prefer regional English specialities — Lancashire hotpot, Cumberland sausages, Yorkshire puddings and Bakewell Tart spring to mind; and there is an argument to be made for fish & chips.

Our Cunning Trick with roast beef is this:
♦ Take your beef, give it a quick wash and pat dry with kitchen paper
♦ Mix steak spice (shop-bought is fine) with olive oil and a little crushed garlic
♦ Massage the mixture well into the beef. Do rub it into any little cracks or crannies
♦ Roast for 15 minutes per pound (450g) plus 15 minutes at 240°C/Gas 9. That generally makes a medium roast; take 20 minutes off if you like it pink (take a bit more off if you have a real monster beef)
♦ The most important bit: when you take the beef out of the oven, cover it in a clean tea-towel, put in a warm place and let it rest for at least 20 minutes

Serve with Yorkshire puddings by all means, and/or roast potatoes and carrots, and a good bottle of ale.

For more traditional and much-loved English dishes, take a look at Foods Of England (which we understand began as someone’s part-time hobby, but is becoming a phenomenally popular new website).


Do you sometimes feel shy at dinner parties? Try this (the latest addition to The Taster’s YouTube selection):

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St George Recipes

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