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Fawlty Tuesday!

The Taster Magazine Daily Update: Fawlty Towers Menu

Fawlty Towers menuA long time ago, far far away, someone once gave The Taster a copy of  the Complete Fawlty Towers TV scripts. Perfectly hilarious. And given that much of the action took place in the hotel’s kitchen and restaurant, a nostalgic reminder of what was considered posh cuisine in the 1970s. Anyone remember choosing an Orange Juice, not to accompany the first course, but as the first course? Thoughtfully presented, on a doily on a small silver plate. Sometimes with cutlery.

When Chef Terry insists on his credentials (having been to catering school), he lists paella, gazpacho, chicken Andaluse, eggplant espagnole and Franco fritters as the pinnacle of posh cookery. (That actually sounds like quite a good list.) The second tier of products to emerge from the kitchen include:
Amuse bouche: cheese footballs.
Starters: melon, prawn cocktail, half a grapefruit with a glacé cherry on top, pâté.
Mains: grilled plaice, cold meat salad, steak, lamb casserole with sprouts or carrots.
Puddings: tinned fruit salad (although even Basil’s guests looked a little askance at this) or trifle.

For his gourmet dinner, Basil proposed salmon mousse, lobster tournedos, mullet with mustard sauce, or duck with orange or cherries, washed down with Chablis. (That definitely sounds like a good list.) He also despised baked beans and salad cream.

Actually feeling hungry now. But we’ve just had breakfast. Kippers, that was the other thing Basil liked. Mmm. Kippers. Mmm.


Still on the 1970s theme, anyone even remotely alive back then will remember the Flake Song (the music accompanying TV adverts for Cadbury’s Flake bar. Here’s the original version, actually a rather lovely and romantic choon. Enjoy; find more on our YouTube channel.

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