Chocolate Nut Sundae 3.12.14

It’s fun to Go Heston occasionally. Or even Delia (and I love Delia). I love to give dinner parties, and in the past have spent days planning and preparing for them. But the most successful pudding I’ve served — the one everyone really did scrape the dishes clean for — was when I’d had no time to think about it. And, with a scant couple of hours to go, I dredged up an ancient memory of myself aged eight, eating a Chocolate Nut Sundae in the local Wimpy Bar. I instantly despatched the Husband to fetch the three main ingredients; and thus the day was saved.
May the below serve you equally well in times of trouble:


1. Scoop three or four boules (lumps) of vanilla ice cream into a pudding bowl or dish. We can be talking Madagascan Artisan’s Fantasy, or Mr Whippy special here, according to taste
2. Deluge the ice cream with chocolate sauce. I mean deluge
3. Scatter with chopped hazelnuts
NB. If the hazelnuts do not start sliding inexorably downwards on a tidal wave of chocolate sauce, then — you didn’t put enough chocolate sauce on. Add more, immediately; and then some more hazelnuts for the look of the thing


As is!

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