Cod Recipe Best: Impress Your Friends With Poshness!

Cod Recipe Best

Cod provides omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins B12 and B6 and niacin – all good news for your brain, heart and circulation. On the sustainability front, Icelandic cod scores 2 on the fishonline list at present (summer 2015), making it a reasonably good choice, but stocks from elsewhere range from Questionable (a score of 3) to Dire (5). To find out in an instant whether a particular fish stock is sustainable or not, download fishonline’s invaluable App HERE.

We have one posh spiced-up recipe donated to us by Daniel Moon, Head Chef at Ston Easton Park Hotel in Somerset, below; or scroll down for a healthy option with Parma ham from the Watercress people. Try this:

POSH NOSH: Pumpkin Soup, Onion Bhaji & Cod

Cod Recipe BestSOUP Peel, de-seed and dice a 1kg pumpkin. Dice 1 celery stick, 4 garlic cloves & 2 large shallots. Sweat them all in a large pan with 4 tbsp olive oil, 250g butter & 500ml chicken stock. When the veg is soft, add 150ml double cream, reduce a little, liquidise until smooth, and season to taste.

BHAJI Sift 30g rice flour & 60g plain flour. Mix with 1 tbsp butter & 50ml lemon juice to the consistency of double cream (add cold water if necessary). Add 1 tsp ground coriander, 11⁄2 tsp chilli powder, 1⁄2 tsp cumin, 1⁄2 tsp turmeric. Season to taste. Slice 2 large onions, add in and mix well. Shape the mixture into four bhajis and shallow-fry until golden brown.

COD Roast two cod steaks in an oven, possibly with a little pesto.

FINALLY . . . serve as pictured, with spinach. Voilà!

Watercress 1 for websiteHEALTHY NOSH: Cod & Parma Ham
Click on the pic, left, for ‘post-workout fuel powehouse’ recipe. As they say, the nutritional benefits of cod ‘added to the phytochemicals in the watercress mean you get a tasty meal that’s incredibly good for your heart. By serving on a bed of brown rice this meal provides plenty of energy to boot.’ To which we’ll add: to get the most out of the watercress, wash at the last minute before cooking.

This is a short entry since The Taster has yet to create a full article on cod — for now, it seems to make sense to cover more sustainable species, where possible — but we hope the above recipes might come in handy; and you can, of course, substitute another firm white fish for the cod. We do update entries, so check back any time. Click HERE for more ingredients.

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