Courgette Recipe Ideas

Courgette Recipe Ideas

Also known as zucchini or summer squash, courgettes are a small type of marrow, in season throughout summer and autumn. Choose firm, small, dark green specimens and go organic if possible (they are in the top ten vegetables for retaining pesticidal residues). Eat within a few days of buying.

Courgettes go with all Graeco-Turkish ingredients, and especially chives, basil, parsley and tomatoes. If you find frying in olive oil creates a bitter taste, add butter.

Courgette Recipe Ideas
Courgette, baby gem & feta salad from


Try sautéeing courgettes in lemon and pine nuts, and stuff into warm pitta bread.

With green peas and mint leaves, they make a highly summery, vivid green soup.

Try a salad of cold cooked courgette, baby gem lettuce and feta cheese, as suggested by Arboreal (see pic).

Roast and stew courgettes along with aubergine, onions and tomatoes to make ratatouille.

Courgette Recipe IdeasCourgettes can be used in cakes and are very good at keeping them from drying out. This little book, by Fife Food Ambassador Christopher Trotter, has an excellent recipe for courgette chocolate cake, along with soup, timbales, chutney, lasagne and much more besides.

If you get courgettes with flowers, stuff them with a mixture of breadcrumbs, lemon juice, herbs and feta cheese. Then fry them.

chef150Courgette ribbons are highly decorative — grate or cut  long flat ribbons of peel, sauté with lemon zest, and  drape or coil on other foods. Ribbons look great in salads, pasta, couscous or tabbouleh

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