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The Taster magazineThis Spring’s Sandwich Special issue contains essential info about the history of sandwiches, the current Earl of Sandwich’s favourite sandwich, the Sandwich Designer of the Year competition, and a fantastic essay on the art of sandwich-making by the late great Douglas Adams. On the prizes front, we have a Fairtrade Breakfast hamper and a collection of Fairtrade chocolate bars for those taking part in our readers survey; and two bottles of floral summer gin to give away to anyone having a crack at our foodie crossword. Plus, recipe ideas for a selection of spring ingredients including cauliflower, ethical veal and goose eggs; tarragon, salmon and fresh cheeses; and halibut, broad beans and mint. All, of course, with wines chosen by our wine connoisseur and former butler, Mr. Richard J. Smith (very much a Gentleman’s Gentleman, we understand). And:

* A Witty And Amusing column written by The Taster himself
* Calendar of UK food events
(available Online too)
* Easter treats, The Science Of Bread, Crossword, Food News, Celeb Chef Watch, Foodie horrorscopes, and a Last Word from the Puffer Food Co – an exceptionally hardy little food business, based on a Hebridean island

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