Food Festival Calendar – updated for Autumn

It takes a while to compile! – But it’s done . . . check our Calendar Events section to see what’s happening this month and where your nearest Food Festival is.

Writing up this calendar is good for getting an idea of certain foodie trends. There’s a lot of harvest food-festivals on, of course, and renewed emphasis on “the harvest” as a traditional Good Thing. But another thing we noticed is the comparatively high number of happenings in Scotland. Maybe The Taster’s slaves are just getting better at hunting them down on the internet, but so far we have 12  Scots foodie happenings in September and 10 (so far) for October – as against six and two, respectively, last year. This weekend there’s even an Island Produce Show in the Outer Hebrides (on the islands of Barra and Vatersay) – we just love that. If any Islanders are reading, cheers to you!

Organic September is here again – coinciding (deliberately) with the harvest season and the official start of Autumn (did you know it’s still officially summer until September 23? Us neither). This is actually the autumnal equinox, when night and day are of equal length. Don’t say this isn’t an educational website. . .

Take a look at our Calendar and see what’s going on near you. It looks like most of us will have at least some pleasant weather over this weekend, and it’s always good to visit a food fest. Have a good one!

Autumn squashes, squashed up
Autumn squashes, squashed up

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