Food Festivals on this weekend 17.10.14

Food festivals and similar events on this weekend. In brief:

* OLYMPIA chocolate week, GLASGOW BBC Good Food Show, MUMBLES oyster festival and SOUTHBANK real food fest start today (continuing all weekend)

* Today only, “beer’n’folk” in KINGUSSIE

* Saturday fests in ALCESTER, IPSWICH, SHOREDITCH plus foraging in HOPETOUN

* BEAMINSTER, BROGDALE and LLANGOLLEN host events all weekend
* Sunday sees a chocolate event in CARSINGTON WATER, an Artisan fair in RICHMOND (Yorks) and a fest in KIRKCUDBRIGHT

* The Restaurant Festival continues across LONDON

See our website Events Calendar for full details or check recent tweets at @TheTaster1

Have a great weekend. If you’re off to a festival, may the flooded gutters of despondency never overflow your wellingtons of hope. xx

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