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Arthurs Organics has delivered veg boxes around Yorkshire since 1999. In our Autumn 2015 issue, Director Paul Hanson talked about changing high streets & new food shopping options:

Arthurs Organics
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As a reader of The Taster, you may have noticed local food & drink coming back into fashion.  Shops and cafés are advertising that they stock local products, farmshops and farmers’ markets are springing up, TV and radio promote local food, and our local council has set up a network ( to help and champion Yorkshire producers and retailers.

Eating fresh, quality local goods benefits our health and the environment (not to mention our tastebuds). Throw in the feelgood factor of helping to support the local economy, and it is a win-win situation.

So why do all but the most committed of us obtain the bulk of our shopping from supermarkets, where hardly anything is local?

Now we are used to eating foods from across the world, few local outlets can satisfy all our requirements. Meanwhile, supermarkets scour the planet for the cheapest products and drive down prices with their huge bargaining power. It can be impossible to compete on price with imports whose producers are heavily subsidised, or paid very low wages.
This trend has radically altered my own high street. Small retailers selling local produce are dwindling: since the arrival of Tesco, we have lost a grocery, Yorkshire’s oldest fishmonger’s and our only local bakery. One farmshop is bucking the trend by combining a café with a ‘mini’ supermarket, stocking a wide range of local products — but it’s not enough!

There is the option of having local food delivered to your door. For 16 years, Arthur’s has been doing the rounds every Monday to all the farms in our area that produce fresh, organic produce. This means we can offer an impressive selection of fruit, vegetables, eggs, dairy and whole foods as a one-stop-shop. Our customers can be sure they are buying genuinely local produce, and what we consider to be  the best.

The fledgling revival of local foods is under way but producers and retailers need support. It is hard to resist the lure of cheap supermarket and fast food options, but if you value good health and good food, the environment and the local economy, it may be worth looking closer to home. After all, what could be easier than getting the shopping delivered to your own front door?

NEWSFLASH: Since last Autumn, the news from Arthur’s is they’re going to take over the Walled Garden at Rise that Slater Organics have been growing on for the last 17 years. They say: “Bob Slater has always been our nearest and dearest in terms of organic growers, and with his decision to retire we’ve been able to negotiate a transfer of the tenancy to ourselves. It’ll be a wonderful opportunity for us to grow some of our own produce although I don’t expect us to have anything available in the short term, it’ll be a long learning curve but I can’t wait to move into a nearby cottage at the end of this month!” (Autumn 2016)

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