Gemini Food Horoscope 23.5.15

Gemini Food Horoscope

The 21st of May sees the end of Taurus and the start of Gemini, the twins.

The Taster provides a frank, occasionally rude, outline of Gemini’s relationship with food, cookery, hospitality and digestion. Sorry (see disclaimer below). For specific predictions, subscribe to the mag (still only £6 for four issues) – our Summer 2015 issue reveals this season’s culinary future in no-nonsense terms for Gemini, Cancer and Leo. We hope you enjoy the below more general insights.

Chef rating: 2/10 (half rations)
Favourite foods: vegan kefta with a side of lightly-toasted grasshoppers. Today. Something else tomorrow

If you are a Twin
You were born to torment cooks. Pick, pick, pick. God forbid you should sit down, relax, and eat the food put in front of you with gratitude and focus. You are the only star sign to make comfort food a source of angst. You are probably skinny, but not healthy. You are often ill or injured, and it gets worse as you age due to a lifetime of inadequate nutrition. Which is strangely stupid, given that Twins pride themselves on their own cleverness.

If you know a Twin
Prepare for a lifetime of cooking challenges. Twins are an air sign and sometimes you wonder if they live on the stuff. You might briefly catch their attention with bizarre salads (think herring, walnut, radishes and dragon fruit) or perhaps an array of Indonesian greens lovingly hand-carved into the shapes of zoo animals. Served on a bed of samphire. If that sounds like hard work — get used to it. Busy little Twins will be far too preoccupied to help, what with drawing up plans for the volcano and stroking the white cat.

Horrorscopes disclaimer

We’ll be building up our tough-talking horrorscope series throughout 2015. Click here for Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, or Taurus, and come back to us in future for other star signs; or sign up to our newsletter (sign up at the bottom of our homepage). Check back on 22 June for a discussion of Cancer in the kitchen.

Gemini Food Horoscope

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