Gift Magazines – The Taster Joins Present Issue! 2.12.14

Ooh! The Taster is looking very spritely this morning.

Reason being, we are now on This is a brilliant idea – a website where you choose, not a subscription, but three or four current magazines, add a personal message, and then PresentIssue gift-wraps them and sends them from you to a friend.  The site has magazines on everything from men’s health and motoring to The Beano and Dr Who, to Cosmopolitan, Psychologies and Hello! – and now, in the food & cooking section, Jamie Oliver’s jamie, the BBC’s good food and olive, and — ta dah – The Taster!

Present Issue web page(Just one Q. Why don’t the other food magazines use capital letters? Should we be the taster? Fire the market research slaves immediately!)

Anyway, we’re very glad to be in such good company. And if you’re thinking of giving a friend some foodie gift magazines, we hope The Taster will add its unique flavour to your selection.

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