Grapes Ideas & Recipes

Grapes Ideas & Recipes
The thing about grapes is they go with pretty much everything apples do. So:

Grape & cheese sandwiches, especially Brie

Grapes in a Waldorf salad (celery, walnuts, grapes, mayonnaise. Top tip: mix a little finely-grated Parmesan into the mayonnaise; people may not be able to identify it but they will comment on its unusual deliciousness)

Grape jelly with roast pork

There is a slightly less convincing argument that grapes can also substitute for tomatoes. The Taster hasn’t yet tried a Bacon Lettuce & Grape sandwich, but do let us know the results if you have a crack at it

Sole Véronique is an easier-than-it-sounds Special Dish, involving grapes, vermouth and cream. Sole stocks are a little weak at the moment — see to find an appropriate substitute.

NB Cut grapes in half before feeding to babies or toddlers. Small whole grapes are easy for littl’uns to choke on

This is a short entry (there are longer ones), as we haven’t written a full article on this ingredient yet, but The Taster hopes this page has given you a few ideas. We do update as we go along, so check back any time. For more ingredients, click HERE.

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