Ice Cream

Ice Cream
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You can insulate icecream with other foods to make something like a Baked Alaska. At its simplest, try making an ice cream sandwich with hot toast — messy, but fun!

Or get creative with children’s puds. Transform a humble bowl of vanilla ice cream with cake decorations, slices of fruit, chocolate shavings, jam and marmalade — don’t stick to sugar sprinkles.

Most warm puddings have an accompanying sauce or custard; for these, substitute appropriate flavours of ice cream (stewed pears and chocolate ice cream, for example).

Following the same logic, savoury foods which normally team with non-frozen sweet foods are worth the occasional try. So instead of cheese & apple, say, or Parma ham & melon, try the cheese or ham with a scoop of apple or melon sorbet. Mango ice cream is lovely with piping hot prawns; and coconut ice cream goes with most Thai dishes (just as coconut rice does).

So many interesting ice cream flavours are around now, you could almost choose your ice cream first and build the rest of your menu around it. The Taster’s all-time favourite was tea-flavoured ice cream with marmalade sauce and Rice Crispies. It might have been called something like ‘All-Day Sundae Breakfast.’ July 6 Saturday icecream

Granitas are also easy to make. Freeze your favourite drink, then chip or scrape the ice off into a glass. When it is full, add a straw and whatever ornaments take your fancy.

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