Jersey Royal New Potatoes

Jersey Royal New Potatoes
New potatoes are a real treat; Jersey Royals are reputedly the best. But whatever sort you get, buy them covered in earth; The Taster is convinced they keep (and subsequently taste) better that way.

Don’t peel them. Wash and boil in salted water until just done, and slather with butter and parsley.

Or, break them up a little with a fork and mix them with olive oil, salt and dried rosemary.

Try making potato salad with half-and-half crème fraîche and mayonnaise, plus chives. Add sour cream to taste.

Search online for salads — there are many. Common ingredients include boiled eggs, anchovies, salmon, chives and mint. Crunchy celery or radish also go well. Put the whole lot in – and why not? – et voila, five-a-day in one meal.

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