You can scatter raw mushrooms into salads, but cooking seems to release more of the savoury umami taste. For cooking, your starting point is butter, garlic & parsley. Cut the mushrooms into quarters and sauté them in the butter-garlic-parsley mix, and add them at the last minute to omelette, pasta or risotto. Add shallots and thyme to the mix, and you have a duxelles.

Dip battered mushrooms in garlic mayonnaise, or blanket them in cream and heap on toast.

Chop up small to add depth to fillings, stuffings, risotto or soups.

Cream, brandy, chicken and beef are all friends of mushrooms, and make exquisite soups, among much else.

Enhance dishes with mushroom ketchup, during cooking, or Parmesan, at the end.

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