A valuable source of vitamin C in winter, and iron. Parsley freshens the breath, and can be frozen whole or dried in a paper bag. Sadly, it’s not easy to grow — it produces flowers and seeds in its second year, rather than leaves, and doesn’t survive UK winters.

Mix into scrambled egg, sautéd onions, or warm cod with boiled potatoes, oil & lemon juice.

Chop and mix into soft butter to make parsley butter, and freshen with lemon juice if you like (especially if it’s to go with fish). For added style, shape parsley butter into a fat cylinder and refrigerate; then cut into circular discs to lay flat on hot food, or thicker slices to go in tiny bowls or saucers (this works for most other herbs too). Most hot food is enhanced by butter & parsley, especially carrots and potatoes.

Make a herb crust for roast or baked fish, lamb, oysters and scallops out of parsley, butter, lemon juice and breadcrumbs. Alternatively, stuff mushrooms with the mixture, plus garlic and olive oil.

To make tabbouleh, mix a lot of parsley with a little mint, tomato & bulgar wheat, and don’t skimp — for proper tabbouleh you need to get what looks like a hedge of chopped parsley cluttering up the kitchen.

A classic sauce for white fish is parsley, lemon, cream & white wine. Deep-fried sprigs of curly parsley are used to accompany skate.

Keep parsley stalks for stock, and never EVER cook a mushroom without butter, parsley & garlic.

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