Peas in a pod

Peas in a pod
Bright green pods with a grassy aroma; no discolouration. Peas do retain pesticides (don’t imagine that the pods protect them), so go organic if possible. Frozen peas are nutritionally excellent when defrosted.

Peas With Rice
This is a complete protein meal, popular in countries where meat is costly. Throw a few peas or other legumes into rice or risotto if you have a vegetarian at your table

Sprinkle fresh raw peas on salads. Be brave!

Minted Peas
Cut fatty or fried food with these. It works with roast pork or buttery white fish particularly well. Mix with mint leaves or mint jelly for added mintiness

Pasta & Risotto
* You can stir a handful of peas into most pasta or risotto dishes to good effect. Peas & chorizo make a great risotto, especially if you stand a few big, black mussels on top — they turn the dish into a dinner party special.
* Peas, artichoke hearts and a cream vermouth sauce make a refreshing pasta.
* You can make either an oil- or cream-based pasta with peas, lemon zest, mint leaves and Parma ham/lardons/pancetta — it’s delicious either way. Grate on fresh Parmesan and try sprinkling on pine nuts, too

Medley Of Greens
Boiled buttery peas, green beans, broccoli and spring onions make an attractive Medley Of Greens; or mix peas with parsley sprigs, tiny slices of lemon and lardons

A labour-intensive trick for aspiring Hestons is to peel each individual boiled pea (it shows commitment, if nothing else)

Peas have been around even longer than cherries (the timescale is counted not in centuries but millennia: four is currently the highest bid). At the other end of the timeline, Disney’s futuristic Wall-e (possibly the most virtuous Green blockbuster ever made) chose a pea plant to symbolise all Earthly life.

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