Peri-Peri Pulled Pork Recipe

Peri-Peri Pulled Pork RecipeAfrican Volcan Pulled Pork bap

Grant Hawthorne, of African Volcano, gave us this recipe for pulled pork on a peri-peri roll (“The Dirty Porker”). He says: This is one of the more popular dishes I use to showcase both the sauce and marinade. The meat is slow-roasted and flakes beautifully. The flavours marry well and the roll reinforces the flavour. It makes enough for about six people.


* 1.5kg shoulder of pork, de-boned and skinned
* 60g African Volcano medium-strength peri-peri marinade
* Maldon salt, to taste

250ml cola
250ml orange juice
25g demerara sugar
60g medium-strength peri-peri sauce

ψ Go to the butcher on your way home from work and collect your pre-ordered, de-boned and skinned shoulder of pork. Come home and pour yourself a glass of wine. Marinate the pork for four to six hours, and season liberally with the salt. Leave in a deep baking dish and refrigerate. Just before you go to bed, place the pork in a pre-heated (90˚C) oven and enjoy some rest.
ψ Get up and go to work the following day.
ψ Come home from work and pour yourself another glass of wine.
ψ Remove the pork from the oven and cover with foil. Now make the reduction: drain all the juices into a deep saucepan or small pot and add the reduction ingredients. Reduce by half. Skim the fat off and leave to cool.
Note: drinking wine will not improve the dish. However, it does ease the troubles of a busy day.

See African Volcano for the peri-peri roll recipe

ψ To reheat the pork, put some fat in a pan and add approximately 150g (cooked weight) of the pulled pork. Fry quickly and add some reduction to moisten. Serve in a peri-peri roll, with sliced tomato and gherkin, along with mixed salad leaves. Drizzle a little peri-peri sauce over, for good measure.
ψ Sprinkle a little Maldon salt.
ψ Eat immediately.

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