Sage comes fresh or dried, and the two are very different. Some claim that sage is good for flatulence (presumably preventing rather than encouraging)

Wrap a fresh sage leaf in a twist of streaky bacon and briefly fry, for a delicious Christmas canapé.

Enhance ‘pigs in blankets’ by wrapping a sage leaf around the sausage, before the streaky bacon.

Make a gourmet butter by mixing with sage leaf and lemon.

Saltimbocca is easier than it sounds: dip chicken or turkey escalopes in flour, wrap in prosciutto and quickly fry in a pan of butter scented with two or three sage leaves. Deglaze the pan with sherry or Marsala for a sauce.

Sage & onion stuffing just requires breadcrumbs, seasoning and enough butter to hold it all together.

Sage is good for flavouring pasta or risotto.

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