Spinach recipes

Spinach recipes

Spinach is relatively good at throwing off pesticidal residues so if you’re trying to economise, keep the pennies for more susceptible items such as tomatoes or carrots.

Eat baby spinach leaves raw in salads, on pizzas or with Eggs Benedict (toasted muffin; soft-poached eggs; warm Hollandaise sauce, and wilted spinach leaves).

Try hot pasta mixed with bacon, sundried tomato and pine nuts, served on a bed of raw spinach leaves (they quickly wilt beneath the hot pasta).

Top toast with cream cheese, wilted spinach and a poached egg.

For a side dish, boil spinach lightly, squeeze out excess water, fry gently in olive oil and scatter with pine nuts.

Make frittata or pancakes with spinach, eggs, fine-chopped shallot and Gruyère cheese.

For pudding, all the way from Medieval times, you might try something like this Tarte d’Épinards au sucre (note: you need to translate this page)

Of Persian origin, spinach is good with nutmeg, eggs, pastry and pasta (it’s the colouring in green pasta). In 1870, a Dr E von Wolf misplaced a decimal point and multiplied the amount of iron in spinach by 10. By the time the mistake was corrected, years later, the cartoon Popeye had rendered the reputation of spinach unassailable. However, it is still a rich source of nutrients including iron. Serve with olive oil and tomatoes to maximise their effects.

The Taster hopes this page has given you a few ideas. We often add stuff as we go along, so do look us up again. Happy eating!

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