Spring Onions Recipes & Ideas

Spring Onions Recipes & Ideas

Spring Onions Recipes & IdeasNOTES
As the name suggests, spring onions are in season throughout spring. They are fairly neutral regarding the need to go organic (ie to avoid ingesting pesticides), being among neither the most nor the least susceptible crops — but if you like organics you’ll want to go organic on these.

Spring onions are highly versatile in emergencies. The white bulbs can stand in for onions or shallots, while the choppable green chive-like shoots add colour and interest to salads.

In salads
Slice the bulbs into salads and sprinkle the green parts, finely chopped, on top. You can, of course, eat them raw, along with other crudités or cheese

Thai & Chinese
Spring onions are essential in many Thai and Chinese dishes. For the ultimate simple quick dish, try chopping one into soy sauce, and serving with pork. If you have the patience to slice them lengthways, on a slight diagonal, they can be piled up in fantastical exotic jumbles on top of main dishes

With eggs
Stir into scrambled eggs or omelettes with bacon, cheese or smoked salmon

One of our favourites
Chop them into a mix of cold rice, shredded chicken and mayonnaise. This transports well for picnics and barbecues and contrasts beautifully with dark smoky meats or kebabs

Irish champ
Sauté and stir them into mashed potato with plenty of salt and butte. (For the real thing, you may have to ask an Irish friend to bring a few spuds back the next time they pop home to the Oul’ Country)

With fish
Chop and stir into cream and lemon juice to make a light sauce for delicate white fish

Here’s an idea by one of our friends, Shillingford Organics. “Does anyone remember Chipples – just a thought as Spring Onions are in the boxes this week – you may be inspired to make some. Basically I chop up the Spring Onions and put them into White Balsamic Vinegar with a little seasoning – My Grandmother used to put them in Malt Vinegar with Salt, Pepper, Mustard and Sugar. How do you make yours?”

Don’t forget . . .
Chop into dips, stuffings and stir-fries; mix into cream cheese and spread on crackers

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