Strawberry recipes easy fresh!

Strawberry recipes easy fresh!
Large, glossy, and uniform specimens of many fruits and veg are often inferior in taste to smaller and more irregular varieties. Strawberries are a prime example, so ignore the shape and go by colour (deep red) and firmness (avoid berries with any hint of mushiness). A lovely strawberry smell is another good indicator.
Strawberries are in the top ten worst foods for retaining pesticidal residues, so if you wish not to ingest them, go organic.
Note: the new ‘Sweet Eve’ Great British Strawberry has been bred specifically to grow in our climate, for flavour and tastiness. Buying British reduces food airmiles, so give them a try if you see them. They also have a good resource, with further recipes, at

The uses of strawberries in puddings are almost limitless. Use them in, on or with cakes, tarts, muffins, buns, scones, crumbles etc, either as the sole fruit or combined with orange, rhubarb, or most summer fruits.
Never wash strawberries until the last moment before eating or prepping them.
If you have any left over, remember that strawberry is the most popular jam.

MACERATE Wash and hull the berries, then let them soak in a little water and icing sugar. For extra taste, use Crème de Cassis or Framboise, or any other fruity liqueur, instead of water

MAKE A MESS Load raw or macerated strawbs on top of whole or broken meringues, cream (double, whipped, fraîche, whatever), strawberry jus, and so on. Sprinkle with mint leaves for a little contrasting green. Have fun

SMOOTHIES Blended strawberries and bananas are a classic smoothie base. Add other ingredients as & how you prefer

FROZEN PUDDINGS Mix plain yoghurt, sugar, blitzed strawberries and — don’t forget this — the juice of a lemon, and churn in an ice cream maker. Possibly even better than ice cream, as the yoghurt seems to confer extra tang

COCKTAILS, PUNCH & FRUIT CUPS Dump whole or sliced strawberries into jugs or punchbowls, or cut a slit on them and perch on the rim of cocktail glasses or — of course — Champagne flutes). For a punch, mix a fruity alcoholic base (eg the Summer Cup by — a nice little independent company) with a mixer such as lemonade or fruit
Strawberry recipes easy freshjuice, and sliced fruit along with cucumber and mint. If you’re feeling flush, replace the lemonade with British sparkling wine — British vineyards are snapping up international awards right now, but remain at a disadvantage due to Britain’s swingeing duty taxes. So if you find a British brand you like, keep buying the fizz!




SALADS  Strawbs go well in a surprising number of salads. Try combining them with exotic or summer fruits and mild-tasting foods such as soft cheese, Parma ham, melon or lamb’s lettuce or, as below, the Sweet Eve take on grilled spicy prawns and a salad of strawberries, avocado and jalapeno salsa.

Strawberry recipes easy fresh

DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE Melt dark chocolate by placing it in a bowl on top of a saucepan of simmering water. Dip the strawbs and place them like eggs in small egg cups, shot glasses or similar (to avoid smearing the chocolate). Before the chocolate hardens completely, you might roll the strawberries in chopped nuts, curls of grated white chocolate, smashed honeycomb crumbs, or cake decorations such as sugar sprinkles or glittery crunch. Just look at these, by @Chef_lloyd_1993 – amazing what a bit of drizzling can achieve (lots more fab presentation ideas on his twitter feed, by the way)

Strawberry recipes fresh easy

WITH CREAM & CHEESE Strawberries and cream — say no more. But take a step further down the dairy route and you’ll find strawbs go equally well with mild cheeses (hence the fame of strawberry cheesecake). Try them with Brie, ricotta, mascarpone, mozzarella and other non-aggressive cheeses

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE Very popular in the USA. Sugared, fresh strawberries are not baked into the shortcake but served in or alongside, with whipped cream

STRAWBERRY JAM, SCONES & CREAM  Very popular here! Can’t be beat

A typical strawberry contains about five calories and 200 seeds, and these are the real ‘fruits’ — the strawberry itself is not actually a fruit or berry.
Strawberries have been the harbingers of the British summer since the time of Henry VIII.
Historically, newlyweds in France drink strawberry soup as an aphrodisiac.
The town of Wépion in Belgium has a museum (La Musée de la Fraise) devoted to nothing but strawberries, but the ‘Strawberrian’ townsfolk of Lebanon, Oregon, USA, are jostling for position as the world’s biggest strawberry fans — they just celebrated their 105th annual strawberry festival.cheftest


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