Christmas Hamper

In the right circumstances (a lot of relatives spending Christmas in one place), the Christmas Hamper satisfies nearly all the gifting requirements in a single online purchase. Compared to the cost of buying and posting individual gifts, a hamper can be a real bargain. The mere size of the thing is impressive, but the real joy of a hamper is its revelatory quality. It cannot be unpacked at once. The unpacker must extricate the full range of items, one by by one, and wave them under the noses of the recipients. The most curmudgeonly scrooges find it difficult not to ooh and aah. It is a massive vote-winner.

Hampers of Inspiration, “Under Fine Wraps”

One of our friends, Clare Underwood, started her business after being inspired to put together a personalised hamper for her parents. It was such a success, she took the idea further — and she now creates all manner of interesting hampers, from the standard “Christmas Cheer” hamper to more original themes (German, housewarming, wine & curry, among others). As well as luxury items, the hampers hold artisan and regional specialities from Clare’s home county of Rutland (we particularly like the sound of Vivia Crump’s Extremely Scrummy Chutneys). Many items aren’t available in supermarkets, and Clare is passionate about theming; nothing is put in just to fill a gap. Below are just half a dozen options

Click HERE to visit the website and find many more Christmas hampers. Happy hunting!

Order by 12 noon on 18 December for delivery on 19th. Prices from about £30 to £192 (currently with 10% discount if you sign up to the newsletter).