Free Range Herb Fed Turkey

For free-range, herb-fed turkeys, chickens and roosters, try THIS lovely company. Herb Fed birds enjoy a high quality of life. The Yorkshire flock are fed a unique diet with over 10 types of herb, sustainably supplied as excess or trimmings from our friends at Herbs Unlimited. Fresh herbs are put in custom-made miniature hay racks in the fields, where the birds can peck at them at will. Choosing and eating herbs gives the birds extra nutrients and keeps them occupied, stimulated, happy and healthy.

Free range turkeyThe birds don’t taste ‘herby’ as such, but they have an overall superior, deep flavour. Six volunteers for The Taster carried out a blind taste test on Herb Fed versus normal free-range chicken, and everyone identified the Herb Fed bird as having a noticeably more interesting flavour.

The turkeys are slow-grown on the farm from day-old chicks. They are game-hung, hand- finished, and individually boxed with the fresh herbs required for the chestnut & apple stuffing.

Roast Turkey Recipe

This recipe comes from the farm, which has devised it especially for their Free Range Herb Fed turkeys: a delicious roast with traditional stuffing.

Free Range Turkey

Perfect Chestnut & Apple Stuffing
Fry a fine-chopped onion, 4 rough-chopped celery sticks and a sprig of snipped thyme in 55g butter until soft. Then add: 1 tbsp flat leaf parsley, 1 tbsp chopped sage, 170g firm white bread cut into dice, 450g peeled, fine-chopped cooking apples, 450g rough-chopped tinned chestnuts and the zest of a large orange. Season and mix well. Mix in 680g sausage meat, bind with a beaten egg and let cool.

Roasting A Herb Fed Turkey
Remove the bird from the fridge the night before cooking (to reach room temperature). Heat oven to 180°C & check the cooking time for your Herb Fed turkey on the website. Stuff the neck of the bird only. Start the bird in the oven breast side down; Herb Fed turkeys self-baste due to the higher fat content of a slower-grown, traditionally produced bird. Halfway through roasting, turn it over to brown the breast. The bird is done if the thigh juices run clear when skewered; if pink, return the bird to the oven. Check every 10 minutes.

Christmas Roosters

Christmas Rooster

For something different, or for smaller gatherings, try a Christmas Rooster. These are also Herb Fed, and are very special chickens produced just once a year. They are a classic alternative to turkey and, as a smaller bird, are perfect for smaller festive gatherings.

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