Blog 30 April 2015 – Coffee Festival

Happy Coffee
Festival Day!

The Taster Magazine Daily Update: Coffee Festival

Today is the start of Brick Lane’s London Coffee Festival, featuring 250+ artisan coffee and gourmet food stalls, plus a whole slew of further entertainments.

Coffee Festival Turning once more to our favourite Companion, courtesy of Oxford University Press, we find that coffee is a beverage made from the roasted beans of Coffea arabica (plus a couple of its lesser relatives). But have you ever wondered how coffee gets decaffeinated? It doesn’t sound as bad as we’ve assumed (what we have assumed, is some dreadful chemical process). It seems it is possible to draw virtually all the caffeine out of green coffee berries by soaking them for hours in hot water. A solvent is then used to remove the caffeine from the water and is itself removed, and the caffeine-free water returned to rehydrate the berries. The Companion assures us that the solvent is easily separable from the water. (The Taster wonders whether it wouldn’t be simpler just to use fresh water to rehydrate the berries, but presumably there is a reason.) So: not as bad as we thought. Slurp away.


Here’s the latest from our YouTube channel. One for the wine connoisseurs:

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