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sustainable wine discountTulip Hambleton, of Sustainable Wines, writes:

I am a wine lover and expert based in North London. Originally from New Zealand, I have spent the past 20 years working in the retail and food and drink industries, my love of wine eventually culminating in my business — Sustainable Wines UK.

My company does what it says on the tin. I wanted to find the very best sustainable, organic, biodynamic and natural wines from all over the world, and make them available to people who might not otherwise get to try them.

As well as my love of wine, the concept was driven by two of my passions: for the environment and health. The wines we sell are produced in a natural, eco-friendly way, and are low in chemicals and sulphites. The goal for me was to enhance people’s health and enjoyment and help the planet — through wine!

Our customers enjoy some of the most interesting and unique wines around — from bottles made right here in the UK, to award-winning wines from New Zealand; including its newest wine region, Ohau. Ninety minutes north of Wellington, on the west coast of the North Island, Ohau only started wine production in 2009, after a local viticulturist discovered similarities in the soils and climate to those of other NZ winemaking regions. Ohau’s signature varieties are Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc, several of which have won international awards over the years.

Tulip’s Christmas Wine suggestions

Christmas morning: Start with a fantastic bottle of natural Prosecco. Our Casa Coste Piane Prosecco is made from 60-year-old vines in the unusual champenoise method, with no added sugar, sulphur or yeast.

Aperitif: Toast with an organic Crémant

Christmas Dinner: Pair starters with a sustainable white or rosé from Ohau Vineyard. With the turkey, enjoy a luscious, aromatic Pinot Gris; and round pudding off with our smooth, chocolatey Pinot Noir from Spy Valley.

These wines are available in the Christmas Wine List Sorted package (£81), which makes a perfect gift . . . if you can bear to give it away!

Leading up to Christmas, I’ll be offering free advice for any businesses or event planners looking to create the perfect sustainable wine list this Christmas season.  See full details at

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Organic wine discount

Organic Wine Discount 10%

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Discount organic wineIf you can’t afford to fly away, get a taste of abroad from Vinceremos: a great British organic wine importer, one of the first to champion Fairtrade wines and spirits from developing countries, and now supplying over 400 organic, vegan, biodynamic, natural and Fairtrade drinks

Vinceremos encourages transparency in wine-making practices and ingredient labelling, believing that organic wines have nothing to hide, and much to shout about. It supplies ‘natural wines’ (made with no added sulphur dioxide); was one of the first to supply vegetarian and vegan wines; and has a wide range of organic Prosecco and Champagne, perfect for Christmas, along with organic Port, whisky and liqueurs; gluten-free beer, English and French organic cider and gift options including magnum bottles

Jem Gardener, owner of the company, says: ‘We passionately believe in organic grape-growing and wine-making, but first and foremost our wines must be delicious. We are committed to looking after the environment, our suppliers, our employees, and our customers.’

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