Food Festivals this weekend 21.11.14

Food festivals this weekend in brief

* Food & Drink Fest starts today, on until 30 November, in St Andrews, Scotland

* Saturday sees the Highland & Moray Food & Drink Festival in Inverness

* Belfast Christmas Market continues today and all weekend

* Christmas Fairs getting into full swing in London at the South Bank and Hyde Park

* Continuing nationally, is Eating In/Out Week: today is Chinese Cuisine day, tomorrow (Saturday) is Italian Day

See our website Events Calendar for full details of what, where, when, plus links to festival websites & twitter feeds

It’s pouring with rain here, again. But does it bother us? Not at all; we’re having fish’n’chips. If you’re off to a fest, may the downpour of destiny never dilute your sliders of autonomy. xx

Food Festival details on twitter 27.9.14

Just put out a few tweets about the food festivals on this weekend:

* Thame, Bridgend and Larne (N.I.) are on today only
* Aldeburgh, Bognor Regis, Cardiff, Cockermouth, Dartington, Leeds, Narbeth, Truro and Weston-super-Mare are holding events all weekend
* Dungannon is having an Apple Day tomorrow
* Dufftown continues to enjoy a Whisky special

Full details are on the Events Calendar section of our website (with a few more details than we get out in tweets alone)

The Taster himself is still dithering over whether to trot down to Cardiff Country Fair, or – alternatively – to get on with some serious test-cooking in the kitchen. Which will it be . . . they’re both excellent ways to spend an afternoon . . . the agony of choice

Have a great weekend, everyone. If you’re off to a fest, may your wellies never get stuck in the mud and the rainclouds stay away. xx