Kitchen Bargains

Looking for a last-minute gift for a home cook? Try one of these — three pieces of essential kitchen equipment, with a special discount from The Taster:

Engraved Knives (with 40% discount!)

The last word in cutting edge gifts — Flint & Flame’s laser-engraved knives. Whoever the chef in your family is, inscribe their name on these fantastic high-performance kitchen knives for a specially thoughtful prez!

Prices are normally £60+ but use discount code TASTER40 for 40% off all knives— prices from £36Kitchen Knife

I can’t live without my knives from Flint & Flame, which are great in the home and in a professional kitchen. I like the small utility and vegetable knives for everyday use, and the range also includes a set of beautiful steak knives, which has real WOW factor when I entertain.”  Monica Galetti – Brand Ambassador, BBC Masterchef judge

Click HERE to see the full range

Kitchen Thermometer (20% discount!)

Top tip for Christmas — but make sure Cook opens his or her present before the turkey finishes cooking. Ensure your turkey/goose/rooster reaches a safe internal temperature (74°C) by using this clever Kitchen Thermometer on the big day — and say goodbye to dry, overcooked meat; or even worse, an underdone and perilous roast. Link HERE

Use code TASTER-17 to get 20% off until 31 January 2018
From about £32, or £25 with TASTER-17 discount

Kitchen thermometer

Premium Pans (20% discount!)
Gastrolux wok
Gastrolux pans enable oil-free cooking – great for slimmers

Gastrolux is a family business with over 35 years of research & development, innovation and craftsmanship. They make all kinds of cooking pans using the best recycled raw materials, hand-finished by Danish craftsmen. Top chefs including Jean Christophe Novelli are happy to use Gastrolux pans, all of which have a unique coating (BIOTAN) of natural bio-minerals and ceramic particles. They can be used on induction and non-induction stovetops, are guaranteed not to warp, and are a great help for anyone trying to lose weight, as they can cook food with minimal or no fat or oil. Each pan has a unique stamp to make it traceable for quality control and warranty. Link HERE

Use code GAS20 to get 20% discount