Images of French Food – a Holiday Haul

French food, continued. As mentioned, the Taster himself has returned from foreign climes (well, Boulogne) clutching several bags of goodies and looking furtive. He did get a lot of stuff from  street markets and artisan shops, but at the last minute couldn’t resist diving into a (let it be spoken low) supermarket.

We’ve let him off since Match or Casino do a few items it might otherwise take a while to track down (especially if you’re only on a four-day break and have an urgent lunch appointment with a lovely little bistro). Below is his haul; he also noticed bottled fish soup; Speculoos biscuits (lovely cinnamon biscuits; if you’ve never tried them, do); packets of smoked ham; jars of unusual egg roes; cassis/mûre/framboise liqueurs; tinned cassoulet; unusual mustards; various packets of things en gelée and plenty more wine.

Boulogne food small

Left to right: bargain fleurs du sel, posh nougat, smoked and cured sausages, herbs from Provence, pink peppercorns, ready-made salad dressings, red-leaf lettuce, tiny olives, a jar of aubergine caviar on top of tinned confit of duck, tinned snails, Selles-sur-Cher (unpasteurised) and Coulommiers cheeses, coffee, pear cider, extra-large silver-ball cake decorations (spotted in the baking section), Côtes du Rhône, three very expensive artisan jelly sweets and three bottles of semi-sweet fizz. Garnered, variously, from the local market, a speciality sweet shop and an unnamed supermarché.

Well, you have to live — and if it was a really good bistro . . .    :)