March Seasonal Foods

March is right in the middle of the hunger gap: winter crops are ending, but new crops aren’t yet producing; the game season is over; as is that of the mushroom and other fungi. Those observing Lent face further deprivations. To cook with March seasonal foods, imagination is needed! However – we do have spring lamb, some fish and seafood (including oysters), and various exotic fruits:

Banana, blood orange, kiwi fruit, lemon, orange, passion fruit, pineapple & pomegranate
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Broccoli (purple), cauliflower, celeriac, chicory, leek, spring onion & rhubarb
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Cockle, cod, hake, john dory, lemon sole, mussel, oyster & salmon
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Try this for Sunday lunch: lightly spiced leek & potato soup, spring lamb in cockle broth, and then ice cream drizzled with passion fruit seeds. (Actually, you can drizzle a lot of things with passion fruit seeds — brandy snaps & whipped cream, meringues & cream, any fruit salad or fruity mousse, cheesecake, zabaglione etc). And see our next blog for lots of ideas about leeks.

See our Recipes & Notes which are building up from the Seasonal Notes series in our printed magazine. If you can’t find the ingredient you want, or if you have a fave recipe you’d like to share, send us a tweet, email or leave a comment on facebook and we’ll add it to our Big List. Good luck with Sunday lunch!

Foods in season in March: recipes