Blog 27 April 2015 – Bhaji Man

Happy Monday!

The Taster Magazine Daily Update: Bhaji Man

The Taster is recovering from Sunday lunch and, in particular, the excitement of using some of the new home-cook kits. Our latest discovery is Bhaji Man. So, for a starter, we went exotic with prawns and broccoli in tempura batter, and onion bhajis.Bhaji Man

Now, The Taster is primarily interested in eating, not cooking. Bhajis and tempura have always seemed to him like something only a pro could produce. But the packets were there, with instructions; the slaves had washed the broccoli, defrosted the prawns and sliced the onions.

And . . .

It was easy! The trickiest bit was ensuring the onions were sliced as thinly as humanly possible, to allow them to be moulded into bhajis. But once this is done, the chef then simply adds the bhaji spice mix. The idea is that the water in the onions then transforms the dry spice mix powder into a sticky paste, which coats the onions and allows them to be shaped into little balls. (It seemed that our onions were particularly watery, so The Taster squeezed the excess out with his hands before dropping the bhajis into a frying pan.)

Bhaji Man
Tempura batter. Click to jump to Bhaji Man’s recipes

The tempura was even easier — literally mixing the spicy batter powder with water, again creating a sticky paste, dropping the florets and prawns into it, then frying them in sunflower oil. The broccoli came out looking particularly impressive.

It all tasted excellent. Which just goes to show — a little daring sometimes is well worth it. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦

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