Blog 19 May 2015 – Summer Issue

Tomato Week!

The Taster Magazine (Nearly) Daily Update: Summer Issue

Just to let you know, The Taster Magazine is now coming up to its 2015 Summer Issue. This eighth issue marks the end of two years of intense (highly enjoyable) food & publishing activity; and it is never more intense than, as now, when The Final Deadline looms up rather in the  manner of, as Douglas Adams might have put it, a brick wall placed across a motorway.

Online publishing, social media and blogs, always allow for the retrospective edit, the second thought, the alarmed retraction. The held headline can, by and large, always be reinstated. But paper-publishing allows no such flexibility; the only method of amendment is to pulp the issue.

Just to thoroughly mix the metaphors, online publishing is like making pasta sauce, where you stir, simmer, adjust, and keep on adjusting all afternoon if you like. Paper publishing is a soufflé: once the eggs are in and baking, that’s it. All you can do is pray.

Anyway. This is somewhat in the nature of an excuse/apology. We’re going to ease off the blogs and other social media for the rest of this week, just while we’re finishing off the issue/brick wall/soufflé. Hopefully it’ll be worth it – with pieces about spices (their history, and how to use them), what billionaires eat on holiday, quite a lot about artichokes, hake, rabbits, raspberries and apricots, and a general emphasis on sun, holidays and picnics. Regarding the spices, we should just add that carrying out the taste tests (fish curry, lamb curry, tempura vegetables, cinnamon biscuits, mmm!) has been an absolute joy and we hope to inspire you to try out and enjoy the home cooking kits we found.


Since it’s Tomato Week, click on our Tomato Crib sheet:

Summer IssueHave a great week,

The Taster

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