Blog 24 April 2015 – Planning Weekend Meals

Happy Friday!

The Taster Magazine Daily Update: Planning Weekend Meals

Ah, Friday — the day for planning Friday dinner, Saturday supper and Sunday lunch. Since it’s started raining again we’re thinking that tonight we’re going to ditch the salad, dig out the lower strata in the freezer and have steak for once (can’t remember the last time we had red meat). Rare, on toast, with Bearnaise sauce and a warming red wine.

Saturday night — restaurant.

Sunday lunch — something seasonal. We’re having a few friends round, but not quite sure how many, so will have to be flexible. Maybe a tureen of watercress soup followed by a large baked salmon, plus a spinach & tomato tart for the veggies. Or indeed anyone who fancies spinach & tomato tart. And lots and lots of potatoes dauphinoise, which we’ll make tomorrow (like bolognese sauce or patatas bravas, dauph is always better the next day).

RECIPES (should you be tempted by our plans): this recipe for Spinach Tart looks good, with feta cheese. We’ve always liked Nigel Slater’s dauph and for the soup, it has to be Delia.

Right, that’s that sorted. Now. Breakfast . . .


Still having fun finding foodie vids for our YouTube channel. Since it’s Friday we’re in a flippant, insouciant mood. Try this, by Mitchell & Webb:

Have a great Friday,

The Taster