Tomato Recipes & Menu Ideas 6.10.14

Silly question, we know, but here it is: do you have Too Many Tomatoes? This is arguably one of the best times of year for eating them raw: aromatic, sun-warmed, at the last possible moment of utter, peak ripeness. Another fortnight or so & it’ll all be over. Click on the crib sheet below for a few suggestions/inspirations/basic tomato recipes, to use up  these last few globs of summer sweetness. Oh, and one more. Mix up some fine-chopped tomato & cucumber, lemon juice and mayonnaise, and sandwich between soft white bread. (The tomato and cucumber have to be best quality for this to work, and the bread does need to be white.) The result is a strangely retro creation, reminiscent of the sandwiches one might have eaten at some mythical 1970s village fete, but – it has to be said – completely delicious. As with proper cucumber sandwiches, the only difficult bit is managing to stop shovelling them down. Anyway, enjoy the rest of our recipes.

SEASONAL Ideas for tomatoes


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